We provide a wide range of aerial video and photo services to help grow our customers’ businesses with eye-catching visuals at lower cost and less time than with conventional aircraft. We have a plane too though.

Geo-Referenced Video
We’ve developed a highly accurate interactive geo-referenced video platform. Want to scrub through video and find the location on a map? Or scrub to a map position and have the video jump to the correct frame? We’ve got it covered. Click here for an example over solar plant.
2D Mapping
Go beyond Google Maps with your own tileset overlays. Your work site can be tiled and displayed on top of the base Google Maps tiles in our private Geographic Information System (GIS).
Elevation Mapping
Using survey data from our 2D Mapping service we can illustrate the minuet ground elevation changes across the your worksite. Click here for an example.
Open Street Map Updates
Open Street Maps doesn’t just update itself! It’s updated by people like us, people that love maps. If you request it we’ll take the data from an aerial survey to update the OSM service. Click here for an example.
360 Degree VR
Taking multiple photos from a fixed point we’re able to create a stereoscopic photo that allows you to view 360 degrees around that fixed location. Click here for an example.
3D Models
With merged oblique and nadir images data can be used to construct 3D models. Click here for an example.
Plant Health Analysis
Surveys and Inspections
Ground Based Filming
Volumetric Measurements
Using survey data from our 2D Mapping service we can calculate area and volume of stockpile on site. We’ve conducted comparisons against a Total Station and found just as much accuracy from the drone and it took a fraction of the time. Click here for an example.
Custom GIS Portal
Being able to display the data we capture as meaningful information to our clients is important so that it can be interpreted. We’ve also custom made geographic information systems for other drone operators.
Canvas Prints
We’re able to supply up to 21 different sizes of canvas print on either 18mm or 38mm deep frames. These prints really are a great way to show off your aerial photos.