We evaluate each of our client’s needs when taking on new work, allowing us to tailor our services to your budget and needs. We are able to work with a range of budgets, so please contact us with details so we can help you get the most for your money.

All of our prices are for sub 7kg operations within the UK. Our rates are designed to be as flexible as possible. They include travel to and from locations up to 30 miles from our offices. Outside of this range we charge £0.40 pence per mile. If we are required at a location for more than five hours then daily rates will apply.

We have structured our processes to maximise efficiency, safety, and quality of work for both ourselves and you. All of our prices include the pre-work needed to ensure safe operations at a specific site. This does not include a site visit or on-site risk assessment.

Extra administrative fees may apply in situations where the nature of the flight operation requires an individual safety case from the Civil Aviation Authority. We will advise you if this is needed as early as possible.

Our Process.

Airspace check and cost estimate.

We will evaluate the airspace around the location and determine whether the flight is feasible within the desired timeframe. During this stage, we advise you of any arrangements that must be made with air traffic or local authorities. Then we estimate our work cost based on travel time, duration of shooting, and post-processing time.

Client Expectations.

We make sure we understand what your expectations are, whether it’s photos or photogrammetry. We ask for shot lists, light considerations, and time-of-day requirements. We make sure we understand what your end-product needs to look like. For video and photography, we confirm resolutions, frame-rates, and file formats. For photogrammetry and surveying, we’ll make sure our final product can be exported in a format usable by your preferred software. We may re-issue our cost estimate following this stage.

Site visit and contract agreement.

When necessary, we will perform a site visit before the flight in order to scout out takeoff and landing locations, and to plan around any potential problems. Once we’ve determined that we can perform the operation, we will enter into a contract with you.

Setup, operation, and post flight.

We bring our equipment ready to work, but we must still perform a pre-flight inspection, including a short test flight, with each of our drones before operating, especially when operating near people. We calibrate our drones before each new section of the flight, and after every battery change, to ensure the best possible performance and reliability. After, we land in a safe location and confer with our clients. Clients have the option of reviewing the footage and time allowing any re-shoots can be made.


We use various applications for post-processing depending on the output required. If we’ve entered into a contract with you, we usually deliver the final product electronically. If there’s no contract, we send our client watermarked proofs at a reduced resolution until payment has been processed.